Friday, September 14, 2007

Little Tiger meets Lion!

Little Tiger runs along to tell all of Big Tiger's friends about the surprise party. Lion is an old friend of the Tiger Family, so Little Tiger pops out of the bushes in Lions garden to say "heeeey! We're having a party!"


The Ginger Darlings said...

Paula we are sorry.We hope that you are not too traumatised by our beautiful, but dead, mouse to paint. He looked so lovely on the cloth that Hannah had wrapped him in, like a sleeping mouse.
Lovely little tiger pics.
Jackie and the gingers

Cathy said...

Really sweet little Tiger - is he frightened of 'Little Tiger Press'? Sounds a similar sort of relationship between an apple and a cider press, after all.

Better not tell him.

paula said...

Hi Jackie, and the gingers!
No, not too traumatised about your little mouse ;o)

We have a cat amongst the mice over here now, Little Tiger has been teasing them something rotten. But they know how to get their own back on him.

Cathy - He's blissfully unaware of the Little Tiger Press, best not to tell him!