Saturday, February 16, 2008

Life drawing again on thursday


Erica-Jane said...

Oooh, they're good!
Oh, and your Valentine's theory has been and gone!
I'm still fat...any predictions for tonight maybe? Please say yes...please...please.....

Catherine said...

This seems like an effective alternative to line drawing for you, Paula :)
Drawing people in your head is a sign of intra-cranial graphite syndrome, wherein the sufferer has either somehow produced within their own mind a metaphorical pencil, through continued exposure to artistic activity
physically taken a pencil into their head (usually via great force)
For your sake, Paula, I hope it is the former. The latter is very dangerous, and can lead not only to infection but ultimately often ends in fatality.

June said...

This exercise has proved a gem for you Paula. You handled the technique really well.

Sorry to hear you have intra-cranial graphite syndrome! :o)

Tom Barrett said...

These are good! It is always nice to break from the norm. Helps you stay fresh and increases your ability to see.