Friday, March 14, 2008


I have an idea for a story about My Lion.... I love drawing Lion. I love drawing his nose and his hands/paws.

Lion was supposed to be going "ooooh" in this sketch (top left) but then looked like he was puckering up for a kiss...

And anyone for some gingerbread?


Catherine said...

Mmmmmmm gingerbread transportation devices...yum!
I love the dinky elephant :D
It can be overwhelming when you get a lot of ideas, I know, I have the same problem. The thing I reckon to remember with childrens books is that they really don't need to be all that complicated for the younger readers, and if you feel like there's more than one thing you want the character to do, just think 'thats another story'. :)

June said...

LOL Paula, you have so much energy!

I am sure you can and will think up many stories about your wonderful characters. ( It fels like you really know Mr Lion.)
The point is... maybe the Dragons, Mr Lion, Mouse (Mice), Bear and Tiger don't all need to be in the SAME story!!! Perhaps two of them could team up and go on adventures as friends though!

I'll have to introduce you to my Mike, he is a writer, and maybe he can help you to channel some of your ideas into one direction :o) But don't stop thinking about all the possible stories, because somewhere in there is the right one.

paula said...

Hello! Thanks for your suggestions!

Cat - the "that's another story" suggestion sums it up I think! Stop being distracted by other things and focus on one idea!

June - lol, I didn't mean Tiger, Bear, Lion, Dragon, and Mice are all in the same story idea... I mean they do all have story ideas of their own! But uncomplete story ideas, just beginning with 5 tiny specks of individual stories which bubble away, and then from those 5 branch several more ideas... then from those ideas branch even more.... like a tree!

It would be lovely to meet a writer, and even lovlier to meet your Mike :o)

Flávia Leitão said...

I love cats, lions and all their family!!
Your Lion Sckteches are amaizing!! The hands and expressions are just great!!!