Sunday, May 11, 2008

The Dog Sessions

I painted the cover artwork for my friends demo CD... the album consists of guitar folk music, called The Dog Sessions (due to dogs roaming around the feet of the musicians while they were playing at the house where it was recorded).

Meanwhile, I have a new drawingboard! It's so nice to be able to stand up and work when I feel like it.

This drawing board even has history - it has passed through several artists and illustrators hands - and my friend painted her first 2 books on it, so i sort of feel like it has a soul...

I also joined 'The South West Illustrators' group. I spent a lovely afternoon with them today - we are having an exhibition in September with the Bath Kids Literature festival....


Paola said...

Hi Paula!
I'm so glad your visited me and left such a wise comment! time... yes it makes everything evolve naturally, I need to be more patient :)
I'm delighted with your work, your style is very nice!

Soozcat said...

You may have tensed up with your painting, but you can't prove it by me! It looks great.

Congrats on your new/old drawing board. Things with a history are always so much more interesting than newly-minted, aren't they? Do you ever hold an old coin in your hand and wonder where it's traveled?

Jess said...

I LOVE your doggie painting, they should be really pleased with it!
Have you tried the Folkhouse on Park Street for exhibition space? I've had several there and they're really helpful. There's a waiting list but you'd be surprised at how quickly the time flies and it's your turn! In Clifton try the Primrose Cafe or the Rainbow Cafe. Planet Pizza are a good one too in both Gloucester Rd and Whiteladies. - Good luck!