Monday, August 25, 2008

Happy Bank Holiday!
The Old Duke (one of Bristol's most famous pubs) has held a mini jazz festival every August bank holiday for the past 30 years. So I spent most of the weekend there.

The whole street was closed, so it was a bit like an old fashioned 'street party'! With red, white and blue bunting too! And there were bubbles flying in the air. And the sun even shined on sunday!
The band we were most looking forward to, were called 'Top Shelf Jazz'.

Described as 'Fine purveyors of filthy swing' they entertained the audience for about a whole hour or more (the square was crammed full of every sort of person).Top Shelf really looked the part..And for some reason, stage was decorated with pants..... I have no idea.... The secret moustache....

Top Shelf are just the best!

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Jess said...

Hiya Paula!
This looks like fun - shame I missed it!x