Thursday, August 21, 2008

Much ado about nothing.... A splash of magic in Queens Square, Bristol. In a tiny corner of the park we sat in front of a tiny stage outside, with a bottle of cider and chocolate fingers (the biscuits.. not our own chocolatey messy fingers..) and the Lord Chamberlain's Men performed Shakespeare's 'Much ado about nothing' in front of our eyes. It was great. Even if it did rain half way through and cause a premature interval....
The weather could rant,
and the weather could rave,
It could thunder and flood and misbehave.
But the more it poured,
and the more that it rained,
We would stay here and watch because nothing had changed...
The heavens opened and tried their best to put an early end to the evening, but we stayed put (like true Brits!) Rain or no rain, we had come to watch the play, so we would watch. The actors had to take a premature interval due to health and safety, and mop up the stage after it stopped raining, but we carried on!And it all turned out alright in the end.
What a to-do!
Much ado about nothing, indeed...

And some sketches from the week.....

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Catherine said...

The Granny drawing is fab :D I like the character of the girl having a manicure too.
Now, when you're feeling daunted by the mountain you're going to climb, I recommend holding on tight, looking over your shoulder and seeing how far you've already climbed.
You're a published illustrator, darnit!