Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Yay! Beautiful things for me! A very talented Toby Attrill of Natural Attrill, made me a gorgeous button necklace. I love it! It's my new favourite Thing and I want to wear it everywhere!

And met a tiny snail in the garden today.. Here he is trundling across my finger in the sunshine...

Sunday, September 14, 2008


My new website is up and running! At least it should be.. it should look something like this:

It's not perfect, but I hope it works on everyone's computers! I only have a limited amount of webby knowledge, and really am amazed each time I update my website that I can actually do it! Hooray!

Verrrrry busy at the mo too, so many things to do!

In the meantime, a song!!!!

Weezer - Island in the sun

This song represents the new lovely project I am working on :o) Yay! x

Thursday, September 11, 2008

I'm so excited!

I'm taking part in an exciting exhibition in Bath with the South West Illustrators!
You can read more about our exhibition here

Our exhibition is in association with the Bath Kids Lit Fest. Our private view is next friday . It's going to be such fun, all my housemates and my brother are coming along, and I even get to go and poke my nose in at the lit fest launch party!

I'm exhibiting with lots and lots of fabulous illustrators, so here is a taster....
Jackie Morris
Margaret Chamberlain
Anna Popescu

I am exhibiting my 'Mice cup of tea' and my 'Uncle Lion' :o)

One thing I'm worried about, is that the day of our private view coincides with 'International talk like a pirate day'.... I wonder if all the illustrators, publishers, art directors and agents will come along dressed and talking like pirates.. ? I hope so.

And I'm also updating my website, here's a sneak preview....I love re-designing my website, it makes it all clean and fresh and new.

Oh, I nearly forgot, check out The Wind in the Willows at a lovely 'childrens musical publisher' called Out of the Ark. I painted lots of scenes from the Wind in the Willows as 'illustrated back-drops' to be projected on to walls to assist in school play.