Thursday, September 11, 2008

I'm so excited!

I'm taking part in an exciting exhibition in Bath with the South West Illustrators!
You can read more about our exhibition here

Our exhibition is in association with the Bath Kids Lit Fest. Our private view is next friday . It's going to be such fun, all my housemates and my brother are coming along, and I even get to go and poke my nose in at the lit fest launch party!

I'm exhibiting with lots and lots of fabulous illustrators, so here is a taster....
Jackie Morris
Margaret Chamberlain
Anna Popescu

I am exhibiting my 'Mice cup of tea' and my 'Uncle Lion' :o)

One thing I'm worried about, is that the day of our private view coincides with 'International talk like a pirate day'.... I wonder if all the illustrators, publishers, art directors and agents will come along dressed and talking like pirates.. ? I hope so.

And I'm also updating my website, here's a sneak preview....I love re-designing my website, it makes it all clean and fresh and new.

Oh, I nearly forgot, check out The Wind in the Willows at a lovely 'childrens musical publisher' called Out of the Ark. I painted lots of scenes from the Wind in the Willows as 'illustrated back-drops' to be projected on to walls to assist in school play.


The Ginger Darlings said...

Hi Paula
Don't worry about your mice on our blog Paula. We call a truce on hunting mice we feature!
Meanwhile splice your mainbrace and shiver your timbers and have a glass for Her as She can't make the preview but hopes to say hi the following week.
Meanwhile we are off to make the smelly puppy walk the plank!
Love from the ginger cats.

paula said...

phew, there are a lot of cats over there sometimes, it's only a matter of time before they find me hiding over here... *squeak!*

aaarhh, aye, and I be sure to have a glass of ye olde grog for Her on the night of ye olde private view!

Hope She can make it over to Bath the next week, it would be lovely to meet up! Will the smelly puppy be coming too!?


Poly Bernatene said...

Hello Paula!
Long ago that did not visit your blog! It makes very happy see so many new features me. I wish much luck you with the exhibition and all the projects. Also I have happened through your Web and I liked much your works, especially collages digital.
Best Regards.

paula said...

Hello Poly!

Thankyou for visiting my blog, and thanks for the good wishes! I'm quite a big fan of yours actually, I love your artwork, especially the pirate ship in 'The Tickle Tree' - it is one of my favourite books :o)

paula x

Soozcat said...

All sorts of good things seem to be coming your way! Good on you.

(And remember, if you get a bit tipsy, the fact that it's Talk Like A Pirate Day should help you cover it well. Pirates went through life more than a little tipsy, arr.)