Sunday, September 14, 2008


My new website is up and running! At least it should be.. it should look something like this:

It's not perfect, but I hope it works on everyone's computers! I only have a limited amount of webby knowledge, and really am amazed each time I update my website that I can actually do it! Hooray!

Verrrrry busy at the mo too, so many things to do!

In the meantime, a song!!!!

Weezer - Island in the sun

This song represents the new lovely project I am working on :o) Yay! x


Catherine said...

New website is fab! :)

Soozcat said...

It looks good from here!

Rima said...

Excellent stuff Paula, and glad everything is manic and busy for you right now :)

paula said...

yay! Glad it's all working! Thanks for popping by :o) x

Jess said...

Wow Paula! I've just been to visit your web-site and your new work is gorgeous. Good luck with all your exciting projects!

paula said...

Thankyou Jess, and glad you like my new website!

natural attrill said...

Hi Paula,
The website is looking really good, I especially love the sketchbook pages, your drawings are beautiful!

Deb said...

i have just checked it all out and it looks great. just realised that you draw a gardening lion as well! your dragon on the bike and the one with all the washing trailing behind him are great! good luck with all your projects! dx.