Saturday, November 29, 2008


Trains and boats and planes, what a busy few weeks! This week I went to visit my good friend Cat who lives in Falmouth (where we both went to art college). Part of the fun of going to Falmouth is the train ride! I think trains are my favourite form of transport, especially along this part of the coast:

Here's a pic of me and Cat in our lovely hats...There's a new falafel van in falmouth too, it's called 'Falfalafel' Brilliant! And has lovely illustrations painted all over it:A trip to Cornwall is not complete without a creamtea in the afternoon...YUM!It was nice and Christmassy too, some of the window displays were gorgeous :o)
And now I'm home again! And catching up with my 2 book projects and househunting..

Also in my news, I bought a book the other day - 'Don Quixote de la Mancha':
It's a story I've been thinking about for aaaages, and after visiting Madrid 2 weeks ago, I decided to give a go!


natural attrill said...

I heard about falfalafel on the radio last week, the food sounds delicious!

I love that train journey as well, the track is so close to the sea.

Hope you have fun in London, one of my most fav places. I'm going down on the weekend, will be on the South Bank on Saturday, perhaps Tate Moderning, not sure yet.


Gail said...

That train journey is one of my favourites to, especially the Dawlish bit ...

Goodluck with all you've got going one ... especially the house move.

Windmill Hill sounds like a nice place to live, but which ever you choose, with your imagination, will be fantastic ;-)

-Gail X

paula said...

We didn't try the falafel.. we thought we'd go back the next day but then it had vanished! We looked the next day too, and it still wasn't there :(

Looking forward to the fancy party - i bought a dress and everything!

Re: house.... not going for windmill one, too small. But looked at one last night, and think I'll go for that one! eek!

Thanks for dropping by, hope you are both happy and well x

June said...

Hope you find a really happy house soon Paula.
I don't know where you find all the energy to get so much done in a week! I feel exhausted just reading about your travels and plans.