Thursday, November 20, 2008


Last week I went to stay with Sandra and her family for the weekend. Sandra is a brilliant Spanish illustrator, who I met through my illustration agency. Thanks for having me come and stay, Sandra, I had such a brilliant time, it all feels like a dream now!

I flew from Bristol airport, it was such fun! It's been ages since I've been away anywhere.Then I landed 2 hours later in Madrid! Madrid is the capital of Spain, right in the middle of the country. It stayed beautiful and sunny for the whole weekend, it was quite cold as it is surrounded by mountains (although it gets very hot in the summer!)

This is the view from top of a hill in Sandra's village, isn't it pretty!Roof tops of the city, and an interesting painting in the bottom right corner...We ate 'churros', sort of donuts which you dip in thick hot choclate! YUM!The streets got very busy on Sunday morning when everyone comes out to shop at the Rastro Market!We did sooo much shopping! I bought 2 scarves, a hat, a bag, a pretty top and a cardigan!There were lots of gorgeous antique shops, I just wanted to take everything home with me! One day I would love one the fancy metal flower chandeliers we saw! Or a big old lantern.Or a giant tortoise!After our hard morning of shopping at the market, we went for tapas in one of the little bars. We had a selection of meats and cheese, soup, meatballs, calamari, salad... it was delicious! I saw some people eating snails, and bulls tail!Later, we passed Don Quixote! The author of Don Quixote, Miguel de Cervantes, lived near Madrid, and the stories are written all around the local area. The author is now buried in Madrid. I just love the characters, so recognisable.Then, as the sun was going down, me and Sandra and her two chidren, went on the cable cars! It was a bit scary - a bit wobbly! But fun! We waved 'Hola' to the passing cars! And now I'm back in bristol! I had such a fun time! I want to travel a lot more like this, visiting friends along the way.

I forgot to add a song too! The song that will remind me of staying with Sandra this weekend is Manu Chao 'Me Gustas Tu'. (He likes lots of things and he likes you! One line in particluar 'Me gusta Malasaa, me gustas tu" (Malassa is a cool area of Madrid!):


June said...

It looks like you packed a lot of fun into your weekend away! Those 'churros' look yummy too :o)

Gail said...

Wow, looks like you had a great time and packed such a lot in. Those doughnut things with the hot chocolate looks scrummy ;-)

-Gail X

natural attrill said...

Isnt it wonderful the people we meet through the internet? I have met quite a few in 'real life', some lovely as well as interesting people.
Glad you had a good time in Spain!

Jess said...

Looks lovely! Manu Chau is brilliant isn't he? Saw him at Carling Academy last year!x