Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Helloooo! Merry Christmas and Happy New Year everyone!

Sunday, December 07, 2008

Bristol Houses, Random Houses and Tiger Houses

Lots and lots of houses!

Hello, how is everyone? After looking at many many different houses, big houses, small houses, fancy houses, smelly houses, funny houses, quirky houses and some not-so-nice-houses, I have finally found one that is just right. I saw it on monday this week and have decided to go with it, the people seem lovely and the house seems cool too. There's a surfboard in the lounge, and a great view of the suspension bridge from the road too.

My move date is all set for saturday 13th Dec. eek! And there's still so much to do! Daisy is starting to wonder what's going on, as boxes are now steadily stacking up around my room... it's at times like this I start thinking maybe I should try and cut down on the collections of bits and bobs, general crap and stuff... moving house is a good 'cleansing' experience, it forces you to sort through things and makes you think 'do I really need that?' But most of the time I think well, I don't need it but it sort of means something (even a little scrap of paper someone has given me, or the little puzzle peice I once found in the street, or the guitar plectrum I once found, or the many gig/theatre tickets....) I think I'll stuff it all into a big 'box of special things' - that way i get to keep the stuff, and it's tidied away to look at occassionally. The thing is, my box of special things is starting to overflow....

Anyway, from Bristol houses, I spent a bit of time with Random Houses this week, in London. I spent weds, thurs and friday up in london town and had such a great time, everyone is really friendly at RH. Really nice to chat with the people outside of work :o) The Xmas bash was lots of fun, lots of wine was consumed (as should be done at Xmas do's) and I met lots of really lovely new people :o) The party was held at a very glamorous Mayfair Mansion, I even bought a new dress for the occassion! I feel really special to have been invited :o) So thankyou so much everyone at RH! It really is the sort of thing dreams are made up of.

Then on my way home on Friday, I had a phone call about my little Tiger and on saturday morning woke up to the postman delivering his new page layouts and previous colour artwork. So I can get started on that now!

But first, a song! Now, when I first started work with Random house, I had a dream they had a big fancy garden party. It was held in a 'very big house in the country' (a big old mansion house, which was a bit like a really big version of my Granny's house. It also had a huge maze, and lots of goats.. no idea why, but there you go!) Anyway, since that dream, I keep getting Blur's lyrics stuck in my head 'lives in a house, in a very big house in the country'..... nothing else in the song relates to RH or my dream, just those lyrics, so, thought I'd share!