Thursday, April 02, 2009

Bologna and Amsterdam Adventures!

I went to the Bologna Children's Book Fair, it was really nice to have a little holiday and spend time with my agent, Mark and Amy, and some of the other Plum Pudding artists from england, italy, spain, croatia, japan.. a real multicultural group of friends!

I flew out on my own and shared my hostel room with another very talented plum pudding artist - hannah whitty - we had never met before, only emailed briefly when we found out we each wanted to go to Bologna. So we met for the first time at the Bologna hostel, and she was lovely! Instant friend! Amazing!

The flight was fun, I love seeing the mountains!
Bologna was just beautiful and sunny
felt like I was living inside an italian renaissance painting... (click on these to view bigger):Goooorgeous paintings and colours, YUM!Lots of gorgeous little markets:Lovely little shops!Me and Hannah looking koooool wearing our big sunglasses.. "Ciao"the crazy illustrators pinboard wall at the bookfair:I also had a few hours to spare inbetween connecting flights (I stopped off in Amsterdam between Bristol and Bologna). So I explored Amsterdam city for a bit! It was a very surreal experience - flying out from Bristol at 6am, and then sitting on a canal boat tour in Amsterdam at 10am! Weird! Felt a bit naughty walking out of Amsterdam airport, but no one seemed to mind.. walked straight out on to a train and in to Amsterdam! I love the whole canal/bike thing going on there. And found some gorgeous little shops and a lovely little cafe full of lovely people for lunch. Can't wait to go back there again one day.Breakfast in Bristol, lunch in Amsterdam and dinner in Bologna! The whole trip feels a bit like a dream now!


natural attrill said...

Glad to hear you had a good trip, and lovely to see your photo's.

Jessie Lilac said...

Wow! What a day! Paris, london Newyork all in a day, kind of. ;)x

paula said...

heehee :)

sa said...
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