Saturday, August 22, 2009

I love my sunflower, a ray of sunshine even on a grey rainy day!

Been rather busy lately! But my latest news is that I am delighted to be asked to exhibit work alongside Penny Ives as the opening featured artists at 'Swan Artworks - Bespoke Picture Framers' in Midsomer Norton. A fab new shop to be opened on 29th august by the lovely Carrie and Tony. I enjoyed my afternoon out to visit their shop, meet them properly and had a good chat about music! Thanks for the tea guys :)

I'm also in the midst of drawing roughs for 3 fun short rhyming stories, all due before...

... I leave for Hong Kong on 7th September! Off to stay with my cousin for 2 weeks, and meet a couple of friends in the city. So exciting!

But before I go, I am moving house again! I can't wait, but I still don't know where I am moving to! Ideally I want to move to a smaller cheaper house so I can afford a studio(!) But the studio is 'up in the air' and I'm waiting to hear on a couple of things... but time is ticking by and I have to make a decision soon otherwise I'm going to be sofa surfing for a while! But I have back-up plans, and back-ups of back-ups.... watch this space I guess!

And took some time out camping by the seaside last weekend with some friends, bbq, campfire and shootingstars :)

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mai s kemble said...

Goodness, you sound busy- and happy!! :)
hope it all works out for you! and congrats!