Monday, October 26, 2009


My adventures in Hong Kong are but a dream now! Of tall tall buildings, delicious food and friendly people. Tropical paradise islands, sea as warm as a bath, giant spiders... beautiful butterflies and birds! Hot hot hoooot sunshine, and so many markets full of wonderful things from antique lanterns to flowers, dried seafood, clothes and shoes and goldfish.
Now I'm home in Bristol in my lovely new peaceful house, with some lovely new people. Full of music and laughter, trips to the seaside, playing the piano and ukelele, and lots of fun evenings cooking dinners together!


Soozcat said...


And wow.

And wow again.

Hong Kong looks spectacular... sounds even better.

June said...

Is there a bit of a 'spot the difference' thing going on with the first pictures? :o)

Looks like an amazing place to have visited.

paula said...

hehe, whoops, duplicate posting!

Erica-Jane said...

Wooooh! Welcome home, need to see more piccies!