Monday, April 12, 2010

Just trying out adding some colour to my sketches using photoshop... kind of looks like pastels, maybe I should just take pastels with me to the farm!


ti-igra said...

Beautiful! :-) Paula, this drawing really like pastel! Very easy and nice!!! ;-)

June said...

I like that this piece has such gentle colouring.
It is a nice contrast to your brighter watercolour illustrations, which are also just as lovely in their own way.
Is there no end to your talents :o)

natural attrill said...

beautiful soft colours!

Jon Davis said...

This works really well, it's really nicely done :)
Can I ask what brush you used in Photoshop to add the colour?
And you seem to have managed to get the colour in between the pencil line and the paper texture, is that right?

Paula Bowles said...

aww thanks everyone :) it's a new area for me, I like the simplicity..

Jon - I used bursh no.36 in photoshop7, with very low opacity, maybe 12%. And I 'painted' straight on top of the drawing (using a different layer) - I didn't bother seperating the line from the paper texture.

Leen Christens said...

Amazing, really no need for words! So soft and delicate!

Jon Davis said...

Oooh, that's very interesting, thanks for letting me know :)