Saturday, April 10, 2010

Some sketches in the sunshine!
A little out of practice drawing people, but it has been a beautiful sunny day, I couldn't resist going out into the city and drawing people enjoying themselves around the harbour.
a girl running up and down the fountain steps in the water, lots of hair and big fringe! v.hard to draw, moving all the time!
Many people sitting around eating icecreams.. (and aren't sunglasses difficult to draw!? they make people look like aliens!)
 queue for icecream!

And some people sitting in a cafe from a few weeks ago...

It's always tricky trying to draw people without them noticing me! I feel like a bit of a spy. Stealth drawing! Lookinh forward to doing more outdoors drawings now the weather is warmer :)


A Productions Ltd said...


Jon Davis said...

I always try to draw people without them noticing me, too.
It is hard, cos if you stare at someone, somehow they'll always end up looking over.
Lots of furtive glances and scribbling, which I worry makes me look a bit dodgy.

But I like your sketches though, you've captured the poses well :)

ti-igra said...

O! Paula, very interesting sketches! I watched everyone and I like all! :-) a girl sitting with ice-cream, woman in dark glasses, couple in love, and the old woman in a scarf on her head, there are similar grannies in Ukraine! I look and see British streets and people!