Tuesday, May 04, 2010

Southbank Arts Trail

We will have an open studio as part of the Southbank Arts Trail this weekend! I will be exhibiting originals, drawings, doodles, work in progress, prints, cards and books. Plus resident artists Rachael and Kano with Textiles and Japanese art. And Bristols Snap Studio exhibiting and screen printing in the garden. And Japanese/english cafe, tea and cakes cakes cakes. PLUS music by many of our talented friends on saturday night and sunday afternoon including:
Lonely Tourist
Jerry Afraid
Rozi Plain
Evening Chorus

Sam Marais
Henry Dingle
Pindrop Band

So exciting, and so much to do in preparation! If you're around in Bristol, drop by and say hello :)


June said...

It is an amazing line up you have happening at your place Paula. Good luck with everything, and I hope the sun shines.

Soozcat said...

I hope you had a great turnout!