Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Apologies for the lack of posting.. am glad to say, due to being so busy!

I'm excited to have been working with the Dutch greetings card company Quire who produce beautiful cards and stationary. The lovely and talented illustrator Louise Cunningham very kindly introduced me and things seem to be going well. Here is a sneak preview of what I have been painting...

I am working on a range of cards with Quire, everything from birthdays, weddings, exam passing, bereavement, to xmas cards.

Also still working with the talented author John Crawford on a series of children's books and illustrating the upcoming website! Watch this space..

And I have, of course, been thinking, doodling and dreaming up new stories of my own.. as well as becoming absorbed by the piano in our front room, making cakes and pies, picking the last of the medlars in the woods (with my own Mr Medler too..) and then making medlar cheese (photos to follow!) Ceilidh dancing, lindyhopping, guitar playing and laughing around the dining table.

Loving the last full moon, ahwoooo!

And, my peppers have finally turned red! (while it's snowing outside...)

And here's an apropriate snowy song from the lovely Kate Stables (This is the Kit) 'Birchwood Beaker'

...only Odin knows....


June said...

Wow! You are very busy being creative!
Good luck with the cards and everything. It would be great to see some of what you have been working on if you can get to the SWill gathering.

ti-igra said...

Thank you for sharing with us this warm and beautiful song-video!!!

And it's so cool you are really busy!
Cards so colourfull and positive! They will give a real joy to the people :)

MiSsL0p3z said...

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Sam Church said...

Wow again! Lovely designs! Lovely tuneage! Unnatural pepper ripening! What is a medlar and how do you make cheese from one?! Hats off for the most action packed post I've read in a while!!

Catherine said...

What a great, busy time you're having! Lovely song from Kate, thanks for sharing (I want her outfit! I want her hair! I want her dimples!)
The cards are looking lovely :-)

Alina Chau said...

your paintings are beautiful!!

Soozcat said...

Medlars sound delicious. I've only ever had quince paste, though. Is the taste at all similar?

Paula Bowles said...

Thanks for the lovely comments people! I have been so busy - december is always busy though isn't it! Now it's january I feel very refreshed and glad to have some space in my diary for 'me' again! Though have been caught by the dreaded flu bug, and am just emerging from a few days in bed...

Soozcat, I've never had quince, but I imagine it's similar. Medlars taste a bit like apple sauce.