Friday, February 04, 2011

It seems everything really does happen at the same time!

Yesterday (3rd feb) was the publishing day of 'I Spy Something Wonderful', the picture book I illustrated written by David Conway, published by Random House (Red Fox). It's about a family of deer who go for a walk in the meadow playing a game of I Spy.....I finished working on the book nearly 2 years ago, so finally the wait is over!
 It's available from a variety of different places, take a *look!*

Also, yesterday was the private view of the exhibition I am taking part in in London - Falmouth Illustration: The Retrospective. I studied illustration at Falmouth College of Arts, graduated nearly 6 years ago, and our course leader has organized this exhibition for all past illustration graduates.

I am exhibiting the sequence of little tiger putting on his pyjama's from 'Time for Bed, Tiger', written by Hannah Wilson, published by Templar:
 It's on at The Illustration Cupboard, London till 12th February. Then we hope to take it New York!


June said...

The book looks lovely Paula... well worth the wait I am sure.

Congratulations on the exhibition too. What image of yours is on show?

Paula Bowles said...

Thanks June :)

I am exhibiting the sequence of little tiger putting on his pyjama's from 'Time for Bed, Tiger'.

I will post it up here!

Jon Davis said...

It is mad how long it takes for a book to actually come out isn't it.
Looks great.
And I really like Tiger putting on his pj's too, lovely little sequence.
The Illustration Cupboard is a very nice gallery, well done indeed for getting work in there :)

Paula Bowles said...

Thanks John :)

I spy something wonderful had its publishing date pushed back due to the recession thingamajig..

Yes, illustration cupboard is one of my favourite galleries in london, really chuffed to have work in there :)

Mai Kemble said...

Lovely paintings!
Especially love the I Spy Something Wonderful

SKIZO said...

good creations