Friday, July 27, 2012

Hiking to Wahclella and Elowah Falls

I went hiking with a lovely small group of people yesterday, up to the Wahclella Falls and the Elowah Falls, about 30mins out of Portland, it was wonderful! So so beautiful.
Me and Wahclella
Wahcella Falls seemed to have a magical light around, refelcted somehow, glowing! And so lush and green, trees abolutely covered in moss and lichen! Smelled wonderful :) And the sound of the falls were hypnotic!

Ellowah Falls - misty!
Rainbow in Ellowah

 The view from the top:

View from Washington Park, that's Mount Hood in the distance:
 And I keep seeing all these cool cars around the city!

I'm looking forward to some more hikes around Oregon and Washington, it's just so beautiful!


yvette said...

wow wow wow and more wow's I am so jealous :-) absolutely fantastic.

June said...

Amazing images, you must be bursting with all these fantastic sights! Thanks for sharing them with those of us left behind...

Soozcat said...

I can't remember if I've recommended this before, but if you get a chance, be sure to visit Silver Falls State Park, north and east of Salem. Miss V is quite convinced that the fairies live there.