Sunday, July 01, 2012

Portland, Oregon!

Here I am! I packed up and moved from the UK, to a cool shared house in Portland, arrived just over a week ago. I'm having a great time, so many great things to see and do, and people here are so friendly. Just about getting over jet lag, and finding my way around town a little better and starting to make new friends :) Some photos from my explorings so far...

This was my first swing dance last saturday evening:

The top of Mount Tabor:

A street party at the People's Co-op (one vlock from my house) market stalls and lots of good music:

'Last Thursday' on Alberta - miles of this road are closed each month, and people have marlet stalls of their arts and crafts, and people play music, dance and celebrate:

St John's bridge in the north of the city:

More photos to come!


Soozcat said...

So excited for you! Portland is such a fantastic city.

For that matter, so is Seattle. You should totally come up and visit some time this summer!

Catherine Hayward said...

Oooh it looks lovely, and very 'you' :) Good to hear you're having fun. Keep us updated!

Paula Bowles said...

Hi Sooz! I'm visiting Seattle for the 'Seattle Lindy Exchange' between 10th - 12th august (it's a swing dancing thing!) But I want to either come up a few days before or stay for a few days after and see more of the city! So maybe we can meet up then? :) Would be great to meet you!

Paula Bowles said...

Cat - will keep you updated!

June said...

You will have such a fun time, I am certain. If you meet John Nez in Seattle, say 'hello' from me :)
We will miss your drawing skills at Blackwell's shop on Saturday! Take care, and keep posting your news.

Paula Bowles said...

Ah, I will miss Brillustration too June! Take lots of photos for me :)

Yes, am hoping to meet up with Jon in Seattle! I will say hi from you :)