Sunday, September 09, 2012

The Grandaddy of all trees

I think this it the Wise old Grandaddy Tree of all trees in the world.. He sits deep in the middle of the Red Forest, in a secret location you can only find if the Faer Forest Folk smile upon you, once on the day of a Blue Moon. And they whisper a trail of cryptic clues that will lead down twisting turning paths and eventually to the Grandaddy... standing silently, surrounded by a protective faerie ring of trees reaching 400feet tall and 20feet wide.

I was lucky enough to visit the Redwood forest, California recently. We camped and hiked amongst the trees for 3 nights - those forests certainly have some magic amongst them. I really felt like they were whispering and communicating while we walked amongst them, we were so tiny! Some of those trees are over 2000 years old... just imagine 2000 years of strong, solid, living tree energy vibrating through the earth! I think it's quite healing to walk amongst those trees, absorbing their magic :)

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June said...

Fantastic trees... I wish I could see them and hug them myself. What a great experience you are having :)