Friday, September 07, 2012

The Portlaroid!

In keeping with the notion 'Keep Portland Wierd', my friend Amber and I invented the 'Portlaroid'! It's a creation which celebrates the wonder of analogue photography; for just $1 you can get an accurate picture of yourself, or whatever you choose to aim the camera at!

It's a wonderful invention, made entirely from cardboard boxes (it's big enough to fit a person inside!) The 'exposure time' takes between 3 - 5 minutes, so we ask customers to be patient and 'hold their poses' as much as possible..

We took The Portlaroid to Portland's 'Last Thursday on Alberta' (big arts based street fair), and to the Pearl's 'First Thursday' (another big art fair). Amber did a marvelous job at playing hostess and rolled up customers left right and centre! People loved it! And, thankfully, loved their pictures too.

Here are some photos we took (digitally) of the events:

The Portlaroid takes a trip...

Me adding some finishing touches, before climbing inside to operate the mechanisms...

Some happy customers!

Happy customers!

Happy customers!
Happy customers

I'm looking forward to taking it out, perhaps in Bristol next.... watch out for a Portlaroid near you!

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June said...

Brilliant! What a great idea, and so much fun for those who had their pictures done.