Monday, December 17, 2012

The Picton Street Winter Fayre

This was such a cute fayre! All day and evening, lots of local arts and crafts, food and drink and music. I sold my cards, books and artwork from a basket on the back of my bike, I wheeled it up and down the street selling my wares!
Here I am outside No.21
Welcome to Montpelier!

The Window Shop!
The view from the top of Picton Street
Present bunting!

My bike all lit up after dark!

A puff of mulled cider steam rising up in to the night..
An intruiging looking stall.

Watching the music

A band plays and couple kiss :)
It was such a lovely day with such a lovely atmosphere. This is what makes a community stronger, and puts a little more love in to the world. Little pockets of wholesome unity.

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