Thursday, July 11, 2013

Send me your photos of Bunty!

The Gromits have been getting a lot of attention since being unleashed.. and I would absolutely love to see peoples photos of my Gromit 'Bunty' with all his new friends! So if you have taken photos of him, could you send me your pictures? And I will create an album on my Facebook page with them all in! My favourite photo will win a small prize at the end of the summer :)

Wednesday, July 03, 2013

The Gromits have been Unleashed!

The Gromits have been officially 'unleashed' on Bristol! There are so many beautiful ones, I can't wai to go on the trail and find them all. We had a lovely afternoon last Friday, at the Gromit 'launch' party, 10 Gromits were brought in on a steam train, driven by Nick Park, one of which was mine! He is called 'Bunty', as he is wrapped in bunting. Here's a pic of me sitting on the back of the carriage with Bunty:

Myself and some of the other talented Gromit artists outside with Nick Park:
Dave Bain Amy Timms Carys Tait Emily Golden Lindsay McBirnie Katy Christianson 

Bunty is now out in Bristol, outside St Mary's Church in Redcliffe. I've been to see him a couple of times now, and he seems to be settling in well! He looks worried, but I think he's secretly loving all the attention:

And not only have I been Gromit spotting outside, I've spotted my Bunty in a few printed pieces around Bristol too! The first is on the front page of The Bristol Post 3 weeks ago:

The second is inside the weekend magazine of the Bristol Post 2 weeks ago:

And last weekend, I spotted him in The Bristol Magazine this weekend! He sure gets about, the clever pooch:

And finally, here I am with my sponsor, Unum, everyone seems quite pleased with the colourful chap! It also happened to be my 30th Birthday, so it turned in to quite a memorable occassion!