Thursday, July 11, 2013

Send me your photos of Bunty!

The Gromits have been getting a lot of attention since being unleashed.. and I would absolutely love to see peoples photos of my Gromit 'Bunty' with all his new friends! So if you have taken photos of him, could you send me your pictures? And I will create an album on my Facebook page with them all in! My favourite photo will win a small prize at the end of the summer :)


Walks with the wolf said...

Hi Paula, we were thrilled to meet you today and I genuinely meant it that Bunty is my favourite Gromit. And we've seen a few: 64 now! Congratulations!! Best wishes Annette and Aislinn

Walks with the wolf said...
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Paula Bowles said...

Hello! Thanks for your lovely message, nice to meet you too! So glad you like Bunty :)Enjoy the rest of the trail!