Wednesday, July 03, 2013

The Gromits have been Unleashed!

The Gromits have been officially 'unleashed' on Bristol! There are so many beautiful ones, I can't wai to go on the trail and find them all. We had a lovely afternoon last Friday, at the Gromit 'launch' party, 10 Gromits were brought in on a steam train, driven by Nick Park, one of which was mine! He is called 'Bunty', as he is wrapped in bunting. Here's a pic of me sitting on the back of the carriage with Bunty:

Myself and some of the other talented Gromit artists outside with Nick Park:
Dave Bain Amy Timms Carys Tait Emily Golden Lindsay McBirnie Katy Christianson 

Bunty is now out in Bristol, outside St Mary's Church in Redcliffe. I've been to see him a couple of times now, and he seems to be settling in well! He looks worried, but I think he's secretly loving all the attention:

And not only have I been Gromit spotting outside, I've spotted my Bunty in a few printed pieces around Bristol too! The first is on the front page of The Bristol Post 3 weeks ago:

The second is inside the weekend magazine of the Bristol Post 2 weeks ago:

And last weekend, I spotted him in The Bristol Magazine this weekend! He sure gets about, the clever pooch:

And finally, here I am with my sponsor, Unum, everyone seems quite pleased with the colourful chap! It also happened to be my 30th Birthday, so it turned in to quite a memorable occassion!


June said...

Congratulations Paula, 'Bunty' looks great, and I am certain that all the Gromit-spotters will love him.

And belated best wishes for your birthday... what a memorable moment for you :) I can't believe you are 30 though!

Blanca Bk said...

Wonderful..!! Amazing work!!! Congratulations Paula!! :D

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