Friday, April 18, 2014

Bunty Portrait

I had the pleasure of painting one of the giant Gromits seen around Bristol last summer as part of Gromit Unleashed. Mine is called 'Bunty' and was covered in scenes of Bristol and plenty of bunting! It was inspired by the colourful, summery, street party culture of the city:

My sponsor, Unum, commissioned me to paint a 'portrait' of Bunty to remember him by. They now have the original A2 sized painting in their office, but there are A3 digital prints available to buy through the Gromit Unleashed website and in their Bristol shop:

This was going to be a blog post to advertise the prints for sale, but they went on sale yesterday afternoon, and this morning they have sold out! But no doubt we will arrange another print run soon, so keep an eye out or sign up to the Gromit Unleashed newsletter for up to the minute info!

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