Tuesday, July 08, 2014

Story time at Hayesdown First school

I was invited to read my new book 'Little Lou and the Woolly Mammoth' at Hayesdown school in Frome recently. I had such a lovely time! The event was organised by Hunting Raven Books, I read my book to 2 classes and signed some copies too. I also left behind some woolly mammoth activity sheets for the classes to decorate.

I'm really enjoying reading my book aloud to children and seeing their reactions to the mammoth and little lou. And chatting to them about what else Little Lou could find at the end of a woolly thread, and their own favourite cuddly toys.

Thank you to Hayesdown first for having me and to Hunting Raven for organising the event. It was brilliant! And I hope the children feel inspired to draw their own woolly creatures :)

Wednesday, July 02, 2014

Cute reviews!

I just love this cute review at Muff and Teacake,

"At the moment the bedtime routine with my daughter frequently seems to be spent in the company of a very cute squiggly mammoth! My daughter loves her latest book, Little Lou and the Woolly Mammoth by Paula Bowles.  I must admit to being just a little captivated too… "

And Nayu's Reading Corner

"Lou rarely sits still, both the story and the illustrations have a sense of activity and moving about which readers might want to act out. Lou's expressions match a child's innocent curiosity as she follows the wool. I joined her in being scared of he mammoth, but not for long because something happens to make it utterly adorable and had me squeeing with delight. I want a woolly mammoth like it is at the end! And I'd like a book 2 which is sort of hinted at on the last page."

And Read it Daddy

We won't spoil the twist in this yarn-entwined tale but it's rather lovely, in fact the whole book has that warm fuzzy cuddly feeling about it - a bit like a gigantic woolly mammoth in fact. Just never feed it dustballs otherwise you'll never get rid of it :)
Charlotte's best bit: The mammoth first appears, and he's HUGE! Eek! A little bit daunting for a little girl 

Daddy's Favourite bit: Warm, fuzzy, charming and funny - and celebrates a child's endless curiosity perfectly 

Thanks guys for the kind words, glad you're all enjoying Little Lou and the Woolly Mammoth :)