Wednesday, July 02, 2014

Cute reviews!

I just love this cute review at Muff and Teacake,

"At the moment the bedtime routine with my daughter frequently seems to be spent in the company of a very cute squiggly mammoth! My daughter loves her latest book, Little Lou and the Woolly Mammoth by Paula Bowles.  I must admit to being just a little captivated too… "

And Nayu's Reading Corner

"Lou rarely sits still, both the story and the illustrations have a sense of activity and moving about which readers might want to act out. Lou's expressions match a child's innocent curiosity as she follows the wool. I joined her in being scared of he mammoth, but not for long because something happens to make it utterly adorable and had me squeeing with delight. I want a woolly mammoth like it is at the end! And I'd like a book 2 which is sort of hinted at on the last page."

And Read it Daddy

We won't spoil the twist in this yarn-entwined tale but it's rather lovely, in fact the whole book has that warm fuzzy cuddly feeling about it - a bit like a gigantic woolly mammoth in fact. Just never feed it dustballs otherwise you'll never get rid of it :)
Charlotte's best bit: The mammoth first appears, and he's HUGE! Eek! A little bit daunting for a little girl 

Daddy's Favourite bit: Warm, fuzzy, charming and funny - and celebrates a child's endless curiosity perfectly 

Thanks guys for the kind words, glad you're all enjoying Little Lou and the Woolly Mammoth :)

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